Sunday Setlist - February 21

Better late than never!

I was pretty A) busy and B) exhausted to get this out on Sunday.   We had a really busy weekend of music and worship, so let's get started.

Saturday night we held our Night of Worship event at Gospel Light.  We had in several guest groups, plus our Choir, Send Judah First.  It was an awesome evening of worship.   One of the choirs came up from the Bronx, NY, and they just blew us away.  (There's a video at the bottom).  We also had Nick Alexander come in and sing for us - both some original worship song, and one of his signature parodies.  (Which was a big hit)

Sunday looked like this:


Again I Say Rejoice (Houghton/Lindsey)(E)

Main Set:

Finding Who We Are (Shamburger)(G)
Tell the World (Houston)(G)
He Reigns (Furler/Taylor)(C)
From the Inside Out (Houston)(C)


Trading My Sorrows (Evans)(G)

We were very short-handed for Sunday.  Justin and Celia have left the team officially to join with our Bronx church plant as worship leaders. That leaves us short a vocalist, and without a keyboard player.  Also, Aquim was sick, so we had no drummer as well.   Guitar-only worship?  Right up my alley!

Everything actually came out very well.  I played electric for most of the set, clean with a little OD, and the bass tweaked up a bit more than normal.  It filled the room pretty well.  We'll have to get used to that kind of sound for a bit, until one of our "learning" keyboard players can play more.

Sunday night was our monthly joint worship service with several of our affiliated churches.  This month we were at Beacon of Light church in Waterbury.   Laura and I led a couple of songs there as well.

Trading My Sorrows (Evans)(G)
The Heart of Worship (Redman)(D)

All in all, a great weekend of music and worship! Check out some other recaps at The Worship Community. 

Here's some of the Sharon Praise team:


  1. It was a lot of fun to be there. In addition to my original stuff (of which "Entirely To Thee" had the strongest response), and my parodies, I just want to reiterate the worship medley I did with Tommy Walker's "I Have a Hope" (slowed down a little) with the outro of Hillsong's "Saviour King", joining the two on the latter's "Hope that was lost/now stands renewed." It's a worship mesh that I'm particularly proud of finding, and hope others discover it as well.


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