Album Review - Vicky Beeching: Limited Edition EP (Joint Style)

The Joint has released a review of the new Vicky Beeching Limited Edition EP.   Check it out...

KLAMPERT: Simple as this…It’s an EP. Vicky only had 3 songs to convince me that I want to spend my $9.99 when her full CD comes out. After hearing the EP I’d pay $29.99 to get the rest of it if I had to. 

BYRD: The EP has me! Hook, line, and sinker on the musicality, beautiful vocals, singability, and some solid content. Come on full length!

MAHONEY: cGet this EP, and prepare yourself for what has to be a great album, Eternity Invades.  Vocals, hooks, lyrics… it’s all there. 
VANCE: Based on the three songs here I am really looking forward to the album release!  Get the EP now to tie you over in the meantime!

Read the full review here.  


  1. I loved the 'English' VB album 2 CDs ago (she was pictured on the front with straight hair and a Les Paul) even if parts of the production grated, but the last one was a much more 'commercial' product, at least to my ears. I hope this is a reversion to less bland production values, as well as lyrical content.


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