Sunday Setlist - February 14th

Here's the setlist and worship recap from Gospel Light Community Church for this Valentine's Day.  I'm not even sure where to start, it was a such a great service.  I guess the beginning is a good place. 


Free For All (Houghton/Townsend)(C)

Main Set:

We Cry Out (Johnson)(C#m)
Came to My Rescue (Davies/Sampson/Thomas)(G)
Mighty to Save (Morgan)(A)
Healer (Guglielmucci)(B)


All Because of Jesus (Fee)(C)

Special Offering:

No Condemnation (Patterson/Johnson)

We had a couple of extra bodies today.  Daniel was home for the weekend from school to work with the youth, and brought a friend of his, Josh, who happens to be a serious bass player.  So we had a full-up band today - keys, acoustic, electric and bass.  Add that to the fact that Israel rewired between the board and the amps for the mains this week, and we had some serious sounds going. 

From the time we started the bridge in "Came to My Rescue," there came an amazing move of worship and release.  People had their hands up, were singing and crying out like I've rarely seen.  It kept flowing through "Mighty to Save" - which never sounded bigger or more of the anthem it is.  But when we got to "Healer," that's when things really started going.  It was as if everyone in the room was claiming the song.  When we (finally) finished, Pastor Pedro came up and gave a word about healing, and exorted people to come forth and claim healing over their bodies and lives.  We reprised the song - we were already 45 minutes into the music, and no one seemed to care.  (We actually had one more song on the list, but this seemed the perfect place to end.)

Our second offering song was done by our newly forming Youth Praise Band, who sang the song "No Condemnation (Let the World Know) off the New Breed album Generation: Love.  The youth also did a short skit today, humorously pointing out the different mindsets between young men and women.

Today's message (by your's truly) was tied into the day, about Christ-like love.  Our altar call was Jared Anderson's version of "How He Loves." 

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  1. I swear there is nothing sweeter than when people get caught up in worship! Makes all the planning and work more than worthwhile - we prepare - then God comes in the house and it is so good!


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