Sunday Setlist - September 19 - KidzPort Revival Weekend

I have a amazing weekend to report on, including a unique worship service from Gospel Light!   This was our children's revival weekend, put on by our children's ministry, KidzPort.  We had an all day event on Saturday, with the help of the children's travel team from Zion Bible College, called Studio-Z.

To keep the special nature of the weekend moving along, we did some special things at this service.  First, the songs were chosen because our kids know them and like them.  (More later...)  Secondly, we completely "redesigned" our sanctuary for the event.

Our room is small, about a 40x60 rectangle.  Our platform is along one of the short walls, so the sanctuary is deeper than it is wide.  We use chairs, so everything can be moved.  For today, we took the worship band off the platform and set up right in the middle of the room, floor level.  We put the chairs all around, including some on the platform.  Finally, we left a big area at one end of the "stage" so that the kids could gather and dance and have fun during worship.  We flew and extra set of speakers to "pump up the volume." The setup can be seen in the picture on the right, taken from the entrance to the sanctuary.

The setlist went like this:


Your Name High (Houston)(A)

Main Set:

We Won't Be Quiet (Crowder/Parker/Hogan)(E)
Freedom (Bushard)(B)
Your Name High (Houston)(A)
One Way (Houston)(B)
How He Loves (MacMillan)(C)

I've got to say, playing right in the middle of the congregation like that was exhilarating and fun! There was such a sense of connection with everyone - no hiding in the back row! We were right there in their faces, they were right there in ours, and it was great! The some of the kids came right up and had a great time. And it was great watching people walk into the room and take in the scene.

To kind of cut down on the stage volume, I left my amp on the platform and plugged my POD direct into the PA, which I think is a plan I will stick to. We had some issues with the sound fields - no feedback, but we were having a hard time hearing in the "pit", even with monitors. It was fine during rehearsal, but got a little difficult with a full room.

"We Won't Be Quiet" was kind of the wake-up call to the fact this wasn't going to be a normal service. It was loud and energetic. We'd never done it before in our church. "Your Name High" was also a first-timer, but one that will be going into the regular list. A lot of people seemed to know it, which was nice.
"How He Loves" was awesome. Daniel did most of the work on the acoustic, and I just came in on the choruses to build it up. When we had finished, there was so much worship still going on all around us, we just kept playing and vamping, and after about four minutes people just started singing the chorus again, so we went back into it.

So, how was your service? Check out some others at The Worship Community.


  1. I'd always prefer to be in with the congregation. That way you can help them be part of what's going on, rather than doing karaoke with live music. Sounds like you had a good time (despite using a POD!).


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