Sunday Setlist - September 5

I haven't actually been in church for a "regular" Sunday service in three weeks, so I was looking forward to just getting in there and playing and worshipping with our congregation.   Unfortunately, I woke up sick after a poor sleep, so it was literally dragging myself over to the church this morning.  But things were looking up after rehearsal, and I was feeling better. Here's this week's list:


One Way (Houston/Douglass)(B)

Main Set:

Your Grace is Enough (Maher)(G)
Happy Day (Cantelon/Hughes)(C)
The Power of Your Love (Bullock)(G)
He Knows My Name (Walker)(D)


Let the River Flow (Evans)(E)

Things sounded really good in rehearsal.  Daniel played bass on One Way, before moving over to keys for the rest of the set.  "Your Grace..." really rocked.   "Happy Day" is on it's way to being the congregations favorite song of the year, I think.  We had a little misstep with it during the service; Josh started on the second verse for some reason, and I started in the wrong key (for no reason).  We had it together by the forth or fifth bar, and just reversed the verses and all was good.

For "He Knows My Name," it was pretty much just acoustic guitar with some light pad on the keys.  It was really a great moment, with the minimal arrangement the lyrics really shone.  It's a beautiful song, very simple, but very profound.

"Let the River Flow."  Wow, this was dug out of the "Way Back" bin.  I can't even think of the last time we did this song.  But it was good... sometimes those old songs are fun to do.

So, how was your service?  Check out others at The Worship Community.


  1. thanks for sharing your sunday morning experience - glad you were feeling better.

    love "he knows my name" - one of my favorite tommy walker songs. great idea to scale it back and really create some space for the strong lyrical truth take center stage.

    stay connected...


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