Sunday Setlist - September 26

I love the days of being part of leading worship in two different churches.  To see how different congregations react and enter into worship; to feel the dynamic of a tiny church plant and a larger, established church really makes the heart sing.  And so it goes...

Today's setlist at Gospel Light Community Church


Beautiful One (Hughes)(D)

Main Set:

Happy Day (Cantelon/Hughes)(C)
Your Name High (Houston)(G)
History Maker (Smith)(G)
The Stand/Here I Am to Worship/I Love the King (Houston/Hughes)(G)


David Danced (Gandy)(Dm)

I didn't really think about it when setting up the list, but it was like Tim Hughes day at GLCC.  Which is fine, because Tim is an amazing songwriter.  We haven't done "Beautiful One" in quite some time, and it was nice to play it again.   "Your Name High" was making it's second appearance, and seems to be taking off quite well.  I heard a few people this week singing "Oh oh OH oh-oh-oh-oh!' to themselves.  It's catchy, I'll give 'em that.  We keyed it down to G this week, as just about everyone was rocking a little cold, and the vocalists were having a hard time hitting the A.

I can't describe how much I love "History Maker" lately.  It just really resonates with me, and especially with the congregation at Lighthouse Fellowship Church, where we played before our service.  I just love the whole mood of the song, and it really speaks to who we are as a church in our community, I think.

I also love medleys, and we put a nice one together today with "The Stand", "Here I Am to Worship."  and "I Love the King."  After a couple of runs through the chorus of "The Stand" we transitioned right into the bridge of "Here I Am to Worship" and then went back to the top of the song.  It worked really well, and the songs are thematically coupled to some degree, and have almost the same tempo, so they were a natural fit.  We actually wound up going back and forth between "Here I Am to Worship" and "I Love the King" for about ten minutes, just letting people worship.

Our set at Lighthouse was "Happy Day," "David Danced," "History Maker" and "The Stand."   The way that works, by the way, is that on the weeks we play over there, their worship leader (who is the only one they have) comes and rehearses with us on Sunday morning.  She then picks the songs that she wants to do at her church from our setlist.

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