2010 Worship Song Analytics

My buddy Kyle at Our Rising Sound did this, and invited others to do it as well.  I thought it was interesting, so I took a similar look at our worship sets over 2010.  I didn't do this in 2009, so I have no comparisons, but there was some interesting things in here.

Top Ten Songs: 

  • History Maker (Smith) 9 plays
  • Happy Day (Hughes/Cantelon) tie
  • All Because of Jesus (Fee) tie
  • God of Wonders (Byrd/Hindalong) 8 plays
  • Revelation Song (Riddle) 7 plays
  • Rescue (Anderson) tie
  • O Praise Him (All This for a King)(Crowder) tie
  • Healer (Guglielmucci) tie
  • Glory to God Forever (Beeching/Fee) tie
  • Freedom (Bushard) tie
  • Came to My Rescue (Davies/Sampson/Thomas) tie
Ok, that's eleven, but there were a lot of ties.  I'm actually surprised, because I thought we did a lot of Hillsong, but there are only 2 in the top ten.  (There are a bunch of Hillsong tunes at 6 plays, though, as well as a couple of Israel and New Breed songs.) 

Altogether there were 89 different songs.  All of these numbers only include regular Sunday services at Gospel Light.  We play a lot of special services, and twice a month at Lighthouse Fellowship Church, so we've played a lot more songs than this, and some of these a lot more than these numbers indicate, but this is what you'd hear if you came into a Sunday morning service at GLCC. 

New Songs: 

  • All I Need is You (Sampson) (Jesus Culture arrangement) 
  • Fix My Eyes (McKinnon)
  • Glory to God Forever (Beeching/Fee)
  • Happy Day (Cantelon/Hughes)
  • How He Loves (McMillan)
  • I Love the King (Hughes)
  • Joyful (The One Who Saves) (Brown/Ingram)
  • We Won't Be Quiet (Crowder)
  • Your Name High (Houston)

Some of these we did for special events (We Won't Be Quiet, Fix My Eyes) but most of them were regular Sunday songs and became pretty popular.  I find it interesting that Life Connection dropped "All I Need is You" the same year we picked it up.   But we do it more Jesus Culture than Hillsong, so it's pretty fresh.  We also have done "How He Loves" for specials, but this year we started doing it as part of the regular worship sets.  

Added for 2011: 

  • Saved By Grace  (Houghon/Lindsey/Johnson)
  • I Will Search (Houghton/Houghton)
  • Moving Forward (Houghton/Sanchez)
  • Christ is Risen (Maher)
  • In Christ Alone (Townend/Getty)
  • Great is Thy Faithfulness (Chisolm)
  • Levanto Mis Manos (Hernandez)
  • The Solid Rock (Mote)
These are some songs we are planning to have a go at the first quarter of 2011.  Notice a couple of hymns; we want to add more to our active list.  

I'd love to know what others are doing and have done.  Drop a comment, or blog this yourself and drop a link at Kyle's post.  


  1. Cool stuff man. Nice to see History Maker getting a good run still. A personal favorite of mine.

  2. History Maker is one of my favorite tunes, so I'm always happy when it's in the rotation.


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