The Top Ten for Oh Ten

Ah, the annual year-end look at analytics.   Love it!

Top ten posts of the year:

10. Sunday Setlist - March 21
 9. Ubuntu 11.04 Sneak Peak and Chrome Apps 
 8. Album Review - John Mark McMillan
 7. Sunday Setlist - January 3
 6. Album Review - Israel Houghton: Love God, Love People
 5. Ninja Worship 
 4. Sneak Peak - The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader 
 3. DVD Review - delirious? Farewell Show Live
 2. Ubuntu Studio, USB Keyboards and MIDI  
 1. Ubuntu Studio 10.04 First Look

 So while I consider myself a music and worship blogger, I apparently am also considered a Linux blogger.  Those top 2 posts alone count for almost 28% of the total traffic on the blog this year.  The top one accounted for almost 17% by itself, and was written in May!  Every single one of the my top ten keyword phrases included the word "Ubuntu" and nine of the ten included the phrase "Ubuntu Studio."  In fact, you have to get to keyword 11 to find a non-ubuntu term.  Number 11 is, inexplicably, "Erasamus Mutanbira."  (for those of you about to check Google, he wrote "Alpha and Omega."

Other odd keywords include "Brooke Ligertwood depressed" (I didn't know she was) and "Darlene Zschech leaves Hillsong" (maybe that's why Brooke is depressed.) The rest of the top 100 are mostly either album review searches or Linux-related, although "mikeymo" shows up at number 23.  Someone still cares.

After a two-year reign, Fred McKinnon has been knocked off as king of referrals, probably due to the move of  the setlist carnival to The Worship Community, which is now the top referrer.  Fred is still a very healthy fourth place, though, so thanks again.

The U.S., the U.K. and Canada are again my top three countries.  Australia is #4, proving nothing but that I write in English.  Connecticut, California, Texas and Florida are still the top 4 states.

Finally, Chrome has at last passed Internet Explorer, proving my readers are smarter than last year.  Most of you are reading this in Firefox, however, so there's still room for improvement.  Especially considering over half of you are reading on a Windows computer.  (I'll assume you're at work.)  Linux is the #2 OS, and Mac #3.  Mobiles are making big inroads, with Android, iPhone, Blackberry growing.  And oddly enough, I have several visits from a Playstation 3, and one from a Wii.

So there it is, 2010 in a nutshell.  And now, a word from our sponsor.

Happy New Year!


  1. Mike,

    Glad to see I somehow still managed to be on the referral list, despite my lackluster year of blogging! Happy New Year!

  2. Yes, this must be good 'ol Fred McKinnon himself! By own blogging cut way back this year, something I hope to remedy in 2011.


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