Sunday Setlist - December 12

Here is the worship recap from Gospel Light Community Church, as well as Lighthouse Fellowship Church in Bridgeport, Ct.  Both are part of the The Worship Community's weekly recap community.

At GLCC, the set looked like this:


Joy to the World (Watts/Mason) (D)

Main Set:

Happy Day (Cantelon/Hughes)(C)
Joyful (The One Who Saves) (Brown/Ingram)
Revelation Song (Riddle)(D)
Here I Am to Worship/I Love the King (Hughes)


Tell the World (Houston)(G)

We tried to keep to the Advent season with every song pointing directly to Jesus.  I've been waiting to do "Joyful" since I first heard it at the ForgeCon in October.  It's a great song, and even though it is not expressly a Christmas song, almost every worship leader I know who's heard it immediately identified it as being perfect for Christmas.  It certainly seemed fitting for Gaudette Sunday.

The end of the set was especially moving this week.  There seemed to be a real releasing and brokenness running through the room, and we wound up just playing for quite a while.  "Here I Am to Worship" is really poignant during the Christmas season, I think, especially being fresh from last week's message on the Magi and true worship.

We also led at Lighthouse Fellowship Church Sunday morning.  Our set looked like this:

Happy Day (Cantelon/Hughes)(C)
He Is Exalted (Paris)(G)
Here I Am to Worship (Hughes)(G)
Joy to the World (Watts/Mason)(D)


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