The Hour Before

Sunday mornings for Gospel Light Worship are a combination of hectic and comfortable.  While things vary from week to week, here is a typical week for me.

6:15 - The alarm goes off.  I slap it once or twice (not too hard, as it's my Android) and get it to snooze for a bit.  Finally, I drag out of bed, and get ready.  I grab the guitars and out the door by 6:45.

6:50 - Coffee at Dunkin Donuts is a must.  No one wants to be around if I skip this step, trust me.

6:55 - I generally pick up Daniel, our youth pastor and my co-worship leader.  We chat about stuff as we make our way to GLCC.

7:05 - Arrive at GLCC and I start setting up.  I pull my rig out of it's case and set up everything, tune the guitars, and get ready.  Then I head over to the sound booth, fire up the board, the amps and the PC, and make sure things are as they should be there.   Other members of the team start arriving.  Aquim will come and adjust the drum kit for the hundreth time, Laura will come in an lay down on the back bench, Daniel pulls song sheets for the vocalists.  I print off any charts we might need.

7:30 (ish) - We gather on the platform and pray.  Hopefully, everyone is there.   We do a straight run through of the songs in the set.  Daniel will work with Laura and Anna on the vocal parts.  While we rehearse, the sound team  will begin changing out mics (we lock the good ones up during the week), straightening cables and making sure the media for the week is working.

8:30 - Usually by this time we've finished the run through and are happy.  We'll take some time to either work on new songs, do some training or have a meeting.

9:00 - The morning classes are starting, and we vacate the sanctuary.  Generally, Aquim, Daniel and I (Sometimes others) will walk across the street to the diner and have breakfast together.  More coffee.  Eggs.  Yum.

10:00 - We head back over to the church.  If it's hot, I run to the KidzPort building and turn on the air conditioners.  We greet those who've arrived early.

10:15 - We start playing instrumental music as people pray and get ready for service.  Or talk in the lobby.

10:25 - The opening song happens.

10:30 - The service proper starts.

How does your Sunday stack up.   Rob Rash wanted to know, so he's askin....
Feel free to comment here.


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