Sunday Setlist - July 17

Sometimes you get one of those weeks that you think is is going to go great, and it's a nightmare.  Other weeks you think will be a train wreck, and they turn out pretty good.  This week was one of those. We had a serious time of breakthrough and release, and some real good worship.  We spent a lot of time without instruments, just crying out and worshiping, which was awesome.

Anyway, here's the set:


Take Me In (Browning)(G)

Main Set:

We Cry Out (Johnson)(C#m)
Happy Day (Hughes)(C)
For Who You Are (Sampson)(B)
Majesty (Smith)(F)


One Way (Houston)(B)

Laura was leading today, which is why we went so far up on "Majesty."  We tried it in D and E, but it didn't sound right.  Taking up by a fourth seemed to be the key. (Punny, I know) We tagged it with "I Love the King" which worked really well. We even had Junior singing the chorus to "Majesty" under "I Love the King," which was really a nice way to end the set.

We're really excited for next week, when Joel Klampert is coming to lead worship.

Comment on how your weekend went, and read others at The Worship Community. 


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