Sunday Setlist - July 10

We switched things up quite a bit today at Gospel Light, and for the good, it seems.  We've done acoustic sets before, but this was different.  Our set up today was an acoustic guitar, a cajón, a shaker, a rainstick and a bass guitar.  On the vocal side, it was Daniel and Laura.

Daniel led from acoustic, while I played the percussion, and Jr. kept it tight on bass.  The mood was intimate and mellow, yet from looking over the congregation during worship, the changeup was well received. Here's the set:

Opening Song:

Better is One Day (Redman)(E)

Our Setup Today
Main Set:

Open the Eyes of My Heart (Baloche)(E)
Hosanna (Fraser)(E)
Our God (Myrin/Redman/Reeves/Tomlin)(A)
Mighty to Save (Morgan/Fielding)(A)


Friend of God/Jesus is a Friend of Mine (Gungor/Houghton/Polichetti)(E)

Yeah, you read that last one right.  We tagged "Friend of God" with the Sonseed classic, "Jesus is a Friend of Mine."  Instant hit.

I think "Open the Eyes..." and "Hosanna" were especially suited to our setup today.  "Hosanna" came out sounding very Hillsong Chapel-y and the Baloche tune just sounded - great.  I could see people really moving and getting into things, and a few came up after service and said they hoped we did that again, so I'm sure we will.

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  1. Sounds like an awesome week. I LOVE acoustic sets done well. Can't believe you played Jesus is a Friend of Mine!!!! HAHAHA!


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