Sunday Setlist - July 24

This was an extra-special weekend at Gospel Light, to say the least.  We were blessed with the presence of my good friend Joel Klampert as a guest worship leader for our Sunday service.  But we started the weekend with a coffeehouse on Saturday night at a local church plant.  That went awesome, and was a great way for people to meet Joel and get to know who he was as a musician.  (and to have some fun and listen to good music.)

Sunday was amazing as well.  We offered ourselves as Joel's band for the day, with great results.  It's been a while since I've seen that kind of engagement from the congregation. Hearing familiar songs done in unfamiliar ways was very healthy, I think.  On to the set!


All Because of Jesus (Fee)(A)

Main Set:

Happy Day (Hughes/Cantelon)(A)
Glory to God Forever (Beeching/Fee)(A)
Greatly to be Praised (Kim)(A)
Majestly (Smith)(A)
Everlasting God (Brown)(A)


Christ is Risen (Maher)(E)

I was amazed at how well the band hit it off with Joel and how quickly they locked into his style.  I've played with him many times, but Daniel and Aquim had never even met him, yet by the end of rehearsal,  it felt like we'd all been playing together for a long time.

The last three songs were done as a kind of medley, which was great to keep the flow going.  "Everlasting God" was a "game-time" addition, but fit in great, and then we tagged the whole thing by going back to Mike Kim's "Greatly to be Praised."  )If you're not using that song, you need to check it out.

Following the altar call, we invited everyone to stay and continue worship, which some did.  We kept going for quite a while after the service "ended," which was very cool.

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