How do we judge a life? No, that's not a reference to the song "Seasons of Love." But maybe it ought to be. Because like that song, life is best measured in moments, in milestones, in points of reference.

A popular phrase is this: He who has the most toys wins. Fiddlesticks. Life has nothing to do with toys. (although I like toys!) It has everything to do with relationships, and with accomplishments. As long as each accomplishment is a stepping stone to another one.

Why am I waxing such philosophy today? My daughter graduated high school last night, and I was strongly reminded of my own high school graduation twenty-five years ago. Perhaps I'm not where I planned twenty-five years ago now, but I can look back on those years with satisfaction, knowing now that the journey continues.

We're very proud of Shannon. She has done remarkable things, and has a focus and vision for her life. (She didn't get that from me, I can tell you.) This summer she will be going on a mission trip and teaching other youth about some of these very ideas. Then she begins to chase that next hill.


  1. Congrats to Shannon - it's good to have a target to aim for, especially at that age.


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