Sunday Setlist - May 31 - Pentecost on the Road

I don't even know where to start.
It was a crazy, amazing musical weekend, complete with tunes, new friends, a concert, a beaches and rediculous mansions. Good times.

My wife, daughters packed up the family truckster and traveled to the Ocean State, Rhode Island. (Trivia: the actual name of the state is "The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations." So the littlest state has the biggest name!) The reason we did this was twofold - first, a little family camping time; second, to help celebrate the official Grand Opening of new worship space for Lifepath Church.

Lifepath is the church were my good friend (and long-lost twin) Joel Klampert is the worship leader and youth pastor. Joel is exceptionally hip, and plays some serious guitar. Let me repeat that: Klampert. Plays. Guitar. I was very happy doing the rhythm thing behind his amazing leads. (Another cool fact: Joel's dad, who is the pastor of Lifepath, is an amazing drummer, and handles the bass as well. Very cool!)

Saturday night was the offical Grand Opening kickoff. We began with a free concert, open to the public. The opening act was the Lifepath band, supplimented by yours truly. It was a very cool experience for me, as Joel sent me a list of a dozen songs that I didn't know. It was New Music Overdrive for me - and it was awesome. Suffice it to say, I am now a huge fan of The Choir and the Vigilantes of Love. The set was loud, raucious and fun. (The pictures in this post are from the concert.)

Following our set, we were treated to a more intimate time with new Centricity artist Lenae Hale. Lenae is a talented singer and songwriter, who's kind of a Jewel/Taylor Swift vibe, and a very personal collection of songs on her new record. My wife and daughters fell in love with her right away, as they chatted after the show. (A review of her new record, Back and Forth, will be an upcoming post.

I also joined Joel and the band for worship on Sunday morning. I'm sure Joel will have his own take on it, but here's mine. (This is from memory, so I might have skipped one...):

In Christ Alone (D)(Gettty/Townend)

Main Set:
Gloria (G)(Klampert)
Let the Praises Ring (E)(Brewster)
My Redeemer Lives (E)(Morgan)
You Amaze Me (G)(Neale/Duvall)

O Praise Him (All This for a King)(G)(Crowder)

Dancing Generation (C)(Redman)

There is a small, talented core of musicians at Lifepath, and it was a ball playing with them. though I knew some of these songs, with the exception of the Crowder tune I had never played any of them at a service, so it was fun doing them. I thought it sounded great for the fact I had never played with them, and we only had one run-through. I guess the Holy Spirit was moving on Pentecost.

We had three guitars playing during the service - lead, rhythm, and acoustic. (I am usually the only player at Gospel Light's services, so that was very cool.) For Sunday morning, I stuck mainly to a clean rhythm tone. For "You Amaze Me" and "O Praise Him" I picked a patch with some chorus and delay. Joel plays the Crowder song a lot slower than I'm used to, and way down in G, whereas I usually play it in Bb. This turned it into a more intimate, worship-y tune, and I liked that.
After service, Lifepath held a tailgate cookout right in the parking lot. The church is right on the main route through Aquidneck Island, so there was ample evidence that there was indeed life at Lifepath. If you are ever visiting Rhode Island, I would highly recommend visiting this great congregation.

After we said our goodbyes, we took a drive through Newport. We drove down the famous Bellvue Avenue and saw all the tremendous mansions, then continued driving along the coast to Brenton Point, where the Atlantic meets Narragansett Bay, and the water breaks over the shale coastline. (That's where the picture in the setlist banner was taken.)
As always, this setlist is part of the setlist carnival on Fred McKinnon's blog.


  1. Man, I so want to road trip and play some music with old buddies. Way cool report. That's exciting to hear. Glad you had a sweet time of it.

  2. Wow! That sounds like an awesome weekend! Exceptionally full of goodness :)

  3. Sounds like fun.

    But wait. Klampert plays a Parker, doesn't he? No good will come of such an un-natural guitar in church, you mark my words.


  4. Well, since Joel plays the you-know-what out of that guitar, it's all good!!

  5. @TONI - holy cow that is the funniest thing ever. ha ha....

    I play a parker nitefly, les paul, breedlove, and gretch...

    Out of the bunch it is most def. my "un-natural" guitar. ha ha ha

    too funny


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