Sunday Setlist - Father's Day 2009

It's apropos that on this Father's Day, the setlist was put together by a father - me!! I did last week's set, as well as the one for this week. I always find the second week of our two week rotations harder, probably because I'm more excited at doing it for the first time in months on my first week. Last week's set worked out really well, and flowed beautifully. Let's see how this week's turned out.

Rescue (Anderson)(G)

Main Set:

Turn It Around (Houghton/Lindsey)(D)
Finding Who We Are (Shamburger)(G)
Hosanna (Fraser)(C#m)
From the Inside Out (Houston)(G)
Arms of Love (Musseau)(G)


Blow the Trumpet (Terndrup)(Dm)
Montana (Gonzales/Gonzales/Gonzales) (Am)

Ok, I know you don't know the last two. Or maybe you do. "Blow the Trumpet" is a favorite from the early days of Gospel Light. "Montana" (that's mon-ton-ya) is a song by the Latin Christian band Salvador. The song has a kind of rancheras feel to it. And we sing it in Spanish.

"Turn it Around" I wanted to do a little different than we usually do it. We usually start it with a guitar riff (D-Am7-D-C) but I wanted a little more of the Alive in South Africa vibe to it, And of course, Justin with the "thunderstorm" sound at the end! Aquim did a great job bringing the right feel to the song on the drums.

The first song that came to me as I was praying and thinking about this list was "Hosanna." It's not on our "official" list, but I felt really strongly about it. It was just in my head all week. It was the first time we've done it since I got my Korg AX10G multi. I had a couple of patches set up for it that sounded nice, and this is one of the few songs we do that we actually play the guitar solo during worship.

I stayed with the electric during "From the Inside Out" - not my usual choice on a Sunday. I think I'll go back to the acoustic next time. It's a better "one guitar" choice with our setup, I think. For "Arms of Love" I used a swell delay that gave a nice cello-like sound. "Inside Out" went over really well, and flowed nicely into "Arms of Love."

Being Father's Day today, we did have a special presentation for all the fathers in attendance, by our 4-9 year-old children's cell group. They gave cards and balloons to all us pastors, then a copy of The Bible Promise Book to all of the fathers. Finally, the led the church in singing "Counting on God" by the Desparation Band - the version on the Integrity Shout Praises! Kids: Living for You DVD.

This setlist is part of the setlist carnival at Fred McKinnon's blog. Check out other Father's Day services.


  1. Love Salvador!

    Definitely have to visit you guys sometime, I always love your music - which is usually the sort of thing we struggle to pull off in our church (ie: Israel, & Salvador... :)

    And also love it when the kids do special presentations like that. Always too too cute!

    Now...when can we fit in a trip to the States....ummmm

  2. I love "From the inside out"! This is a song I would definitely be doing but I just can't seem to find a key that works for me on this one.

  3. I agree with Steff- love "From the Inside Out" but the range is a bit too bit for me to be comfortable leading it. I always pass it off to one of our male worship leaders :)

  4. It seems that (from my guitar player point of view) the key of C is the only one that really works in this song without some serious drop-tuning. I've tried playing it lower, and it never (to me) seemed to have the right feel to it. That open Am7 says it all!! :)

    Thanks for the comment.


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