#forgecon10 - the last part

I've spent a week recapping the amazing Forge Conference that I attended last week.  So what's the takeaway.

First off, meeting amazing people.   I'm not talking about big names like Paul Baloche and Brenton Brown, although that was certainly cool.  I mean the people in the trenches, doing it every day.  The men and women who go back to their churches and work it out week after week.   People who feel tired, burnt out and misunderstood at time.   Now these folks know that they are not alone.  That they have (to steal a quote) forged relationships with others in the same boat.

I've added over 20 Facebook friends this week - not just random names, but people I now know, can put a voice to, can share memories with.  People I can keep in touch with and encourage and be encouraged by.

I've got a bunch of new Twitter followers, and follow a bunch more people, people who I can gain insights, wisdom or maybe just a good chuckle from.

I've discovered a few new blogs that deserve attention.  Especially because I know the writers.

I've got new passion for my instrument.  I look at it in a new light, and yearn to learn more.

I've found a great place to hopefully take my family on vacation next summer.

I finally met a worship leader, speaker and author who only lives half and hour from me.  I've been meaning to connect with him, and had the chance.

I've become part of something that I think will be big.  It'll never be Catalyst or Re:Create, but we don't want it to be.

We're all looking forward to ForgeCon 11.  Plus, the Forge Retreats that will be announced soon.  There's lots of good stuff coming.


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