Sunday Setlist - October 24

Here's this week's worship recap and setlist from Gospel Light Community Church and Lighthouse Fellowship Church, both in Bridgeport, Ct.

First, GLCC:


Come, Now is the Time to Worship (Doersken)(D)

Main Set:

Say So (Houghton/Gungor)(E)
Open the Eyes of My Heart (Baloche)(E)
Mighty to Save (Morgan)(A)
Draw Me Close to You (Carpenter)(A)


Instrumental Jam.

You read that right: "Instrumental Jam."  Our vocalists sat and we just played.  There's a story behind it, actually.  We were going to do "I Saw the Light" but not all the singers were comfortable with it, so we scrapped it and just jammed while the plates were going around.

I've been waiting for "Open the Eyes of My Heart" since I got my cut capo.  It's the perfect song for using it, I think.  Even our drummer was like " Wow, that sounds sick!"  It's really a unique sound, and I highly recommend getting one if you don't have one already.

I had several people come up to me after service and comment on "Mighty to Save."  It was a last minute addition, and we didn't even rehearse it.  But we left out all out there playing it today, and the congregation responded to it.  We're played it dozens of times, but somehow today was different.  I was playing so hard that my acoustic was out of tune when I took the capo off, and that thing never goes out of tune from playing.

But, before our service at GLCC, we also led at LHFC.  The set there was:

Come, Now Is the Time to Worship (Doersken)(D)
Open the Eyes of My Heart (Baloche)(E)
Draw Me Close (Carpenter)(A)
A Servant's Heart (Eldridge)(Am)

That last song is an original composition by the worship leader at LHFC, which she wrote in honor of Pastor Appreciation Week.  It has this cool little bossa nova/samba rhythm to it, and actually came out much, much better than we expected it to.

So, that was our Sunday.  How was yours?  There are others at The Worship Community. 


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