#forgecon10 - Part 2

Yesterday I wrote about the first-ever ForgeCon: a new worship gathering.  I told you about the place we had it, and my over all experience.

ForgeCon had a little something for everyone. Personally, I was really interested in some of the guitar clinics that were offered.  I would up sitting through a couple of them, and am so glad I did.  Both were taught by Keith Minnick. Keith is an amazing guitar player, and and equally amazing teacher.  He has a way of simplifying things that make them approachable.  For a largely self-taught ear-player like me, getting my head around theory is tough.  Keith made it easy.

The first session was focused on acoustic guitar.  Keith took us through some basic things like approaches to scales and chord shapes, different voiceings, substitute chords and the like.  For the class, he had written a 54-page handout! It is full of great information, tips, practice suggestions, chords, scales, exercises...

Another session Keith led was focused on the electric guitar.  This one dealt with using the instrument to "color" a song instead of overpowering it.  One thing that really stuck with me was using intervals to simplify my playing.  As a decided "non-theory" player, this was a real eye-opener.  (For this session, Keith had put together a 79-page handout, plus a bonus pack of exercises.)  Keith also led a class on music theory as it applies to the guitar.  That was some seriously heady stuff.  (There's a rumor that it was Keith who taught Paul Baloche to play guitar - they are certainly good friends.)

Another guitar clinic was led by Scott Murray, who plays guitar for Brenton Brown.  Scott focused on effects, tricks and playing tips.  He did his session in the huge Great Auditorium, and you could hear his class "demonstrations" all over town!

There was stuff for drummers, too.  Ben Showalter and Daniel Ornellas from Brenton's band did a clinic on bass and drums.  They talked about technique, working together, finding the pocket and practice tips. Another drum class was lead by Kris Castillo of Salida7.  I didn't attend, but from what I hear, Kris was inviting participants to play, and was working with them on technique.  (Kris is a pretty amazing drummer, and one of the nicest guys you ever want to meet.)

There were also a variety of vocal classes, both beginner and advanced, and  a class on using arranger workstations.

More to come...


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