Sunday Setlist - October 17

A great and busy weekend at Gospel Light Community Church culminated with the commissioning of our new youth pastor last night.  Everyone is pretty tired, but it's always well worth it.  On Saturday, GLCC hosted what we called a Night of Peace, which was an outdoor prayer and worship event to combat violence in our city.  Hauling everything out to a local park and back is a lot of work, but the event was great, and we hope, the first of many.

Sunday morning was cold and crisp.  Here's the setlist:


Cuan Bello es el Senor (Morris)(D)

Main Set:

Trading My Sorrows (Evans)(G)
Your Grace is Enough (Maher)(G)
Give us Clean Hands (Hall)(G)
I Love You Lord (Klein)(G)


All Because of Jesus (Fee)(C)

"Cuan Bello" is a really sweet Spanish song.  The title translates to "How Beautiful is the Lord."  We haven't sung it in a while, and it was nice to do it again, and it was a great bookend with "I Love You Lord." Both a very simple, one-verse songs with lovely melodies.   "Give Us Clean Hands" was the first song I used my new cut capo on - actually I used two capos as we were playing it in G.  Very nice.

We also had an evening service, where we formally commissioned our youth pastor.  Pastor Daniel has been doing the job since he graduated bible college in May, and last night was the night we made it official.  We had members of our two church plants in attendance - Dan's parents pastor one of them - and the house was full.  It was really a great night.  Our setlist was short:

Your Name High (Houston)(A)
For Who You Are (Sampson)(B)
I Offer My Life (Moen/Cloniger)(E)

Special (Dan & Laura)

The More I Seek You (Neese)(E)


Again I Say Rejoice (Houghton)(E)

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