Sunday Setlist - November 14

Wow... what a busy weekend.  I did a ton of driving Saturday, two churches and three services today.  We had a youth encounter weekend this weekend, in upstate New York, about two hours from home.  I drove up yesterday morning to teach one of the sessions, then had to go the other direction to pick up my oldest daughter at college to come home for the weekend.

With the encounter, we were again shorthanded this morning.  Daniel and Laura were both away.  Fortunately, we had some help from one of our choir members, Marisol, who stepped in and helped out in the vocal department.  Here's the setlist:


Only By Grace (Gustafson)(D)

Main Set:

Happy Day (Cantelon/Hughes) (C)
Turn it Around (Houghton/Lindsey)(D)
From the Inside Out (Houston)(C)
Revelation Song (Riddle)(D)

Trading My Sorrows (Evans)(G)

Let's get this out of the way: rehearsal was a train wreck.  My tone was off, the vocalists had a hard time finding keys, we couldn't stay focused.  Pretty much none of us were happy.  The service, on the other hand, was ridiculous.  Everything sounded dialed in, Aquim and I were in the pocket, the vocalists were hitting keys and cues.  I played the first couple on electric, and switched to acoustic for "Inside Out" and "Revelation Song."  It sounded great, and everyone was really responding well.  We kept both songs going longer than we planned, everything was just really going well.  

We had a little spontaneousness prayer interlude after the worship set.  I'd been working on "People Get Ready"  (Mayfield)(D) all week, and it seemed to fit perfectly as a musical interlude.

So, I really love it when we say "We stink" and God says "No you don't."  Today was one of those days.

We also led at Lighthouse Fellowship Church today.  The set was:

Blessed Be Your Name (Redman)(C)
Trading My Sorrows (Evans)(G)
Mighty to Save (Morgan)(G)

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  1. good word mike - i might even add, we do stink, but God still loves us.

    and btw love your inclusion of "people get ready" - what a great song!

    stay connected...



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