Sunday Setlist - November 21

Today we have an extra-special service recap.  In addition to our regular service at Gospel Light Community Church, Aquim and I went to New York City to help lead at a special event at one of our church plants, Good News Christian Church in the Bronx.

At Gospel Light, our set looked like this:


Give Thanks (Smith)(D)

Main Set:

Friend of God (Gungor/Houghton)(D)
Your Grace is Enough (Maher)(G)
Here I Am to Worship/I Love the King (Hughes)(G)
How He Loves (McMillan)(C)


Say So (Gungor/Houghton)

Service went really well, especially the "Here I Am to Worship/I Love the King" into "How He Loves."  We're only recently putting HHL into rotation, and our congregation seems to love it, sloppy wet kisses and all.

After we finished playing, we had to jump in a car and head down to New York City.  Our church plant down there, Good News Christian Church, was holding an "International Friendship Day," and we were tasked with helping the GNCC team come up with a multi-cultural set for the service.  Here's what we all came up with:

The combined team 
Shout to the North (Mark)(G)
You Reign (Witt/Salinas/Espinosa/Barr)(Gm)
Cuan Bello es el Senor (Morris)(G)
Majesty (Smith/Gerrard)(G)
Because of Who You Are (Munizzi)(Eb)


You Are Good (Houghton/Lindsey)(E)


I Give Myself Away (McDowell)(C)
Agnes Dei (Smith)(G)

This service was incredible.  Even though the plant is still new, there is a growing group there.  We were happy to see the hall they are renting fill up.  "Shout to the North" was my contribution to the set.  (I was asked to give them something Irish.)  The combination of the popularity of this song, and the Celtic feel to it made it a natural.  (plus Robin Mark is from Northern Ireland.)  "You Reign" is a spicy Latin number, popularized by Marcos Witt, which came out sounding waaay better than it had any right to.  "Cuan Bello" is a slow Spanish song that we do at Gospel Light, although Jason Morris is American, the son of missionaries.

Believe it or not, I've never played "Majesty," even though I love the song, written by, of course, Brit Martin Smith.  It fit so well coming out of "Cuan Bello" and I was so glad it was in the set.  "Because of Who You Are" is a contemporary Gospel song, written by Florida native Martha Munizzi.

The two invitation songs were neither planned nor rehearsed, they just kind of spontaneously happened. I had never even heard the William McDowell tune, and just played along by ear.  "Agnes Dei" is a favorite of the guest speaker, Pastor Stanley, who hails from Sierra Leone in West Africa.   He usually sings it a cappella, but we gave him a little Third Day action to sing with.

Bainbridge Avenue
Following the service, we had a ridiculous meal - the kind you could only get in New York.  Imagine a plate loaded with cod, shrimp and avocado salad, rice and beans, roti, rice and beans, stuffed shells, pernil, pasteles, and corned beef and cabbage.  YUM!!!

Anyway, I'm tired, but excited.  The church plant is going well and making a lot of headway in that neighborhood.  I'm looking forward to going down there again soon.

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