In the Studio - Take 13

If you read yesterday's post, you know we were scheduled to re-start our worship recording project.

Well we did it.

Actually I did it. I'm not saying that to be conceited. I'm saying that because I was the only one there. Yesterday's post explained the plan: since all the other musicians were out of town for various reasons, I went in to record some guitar parts by myself, working to rhythm loops. (clips of the loops are in yesterday's post)

The session went really well. Our engineer, Gabby, has a new computer (turns out his Mac was fried, not just the hard drives) and was ready to go. Here's what we got done:

Mighty to Save - acoustic
Your Love is Deep - acoustic
Draw Me Close - acoustic
He Reigns - acoustic
From the Inside Out - acoustic
One Way - electric

Six songs in one session - I'm feeling pretty good about that. I still have to track electric on three of these songs, but I've gotten about a third of my stuff done in one session.

Next week: Drums/bass on these songs, plus whatever else we can get done.

(Oh, and I have backup copies of all the files... I'm just sayin' )


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