...like a train on the edge of the town

It's coming. Can you feel it?

Tonight kicks off our annual Back to School Revival at Gospel Light. This is the third year we've been doing this, and if the trend is to continue, this year will be bigger and better than ever.

We have a lot of regular events at GLCC, but the revival has been one everyone looks forward to. As in years past, we will be having Brian McDonald as our featured speaker. "Pastor Mac," as we call him, is a gifted and annointed man of God, who never fails to stir up the Spirit and lift hearts. I could sit for hours and listen to him.

Combine that with great worship, testamonies, and special presentations, and this is looking to be a great time!

If you're going to be anywhere in the New England area this weekend, consider stopping by!

Here are some photos of last years revival. Hope to see ya!


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