Here We Go Again... again

OK, so after our studio disaster of last month, and two false starts, the studio has reported to us that they are back up and running, computers fixed, software loaded, plugins, well, plugged, and we're ready to go.

Only one problem. Almost all of the band is out of town between working at a youth camp, summer college sessions and our youth ministry's mission trip.

But... I do not want to waste another week. So here's what's happening. I've been working all weekend on rhythm loops for some of the songs, especially the ones that are acoustic-driven. I'll be heading back into the studio tonight with those tracks, and will begin recording guitar parts for these songs. Let's hope that works out as well as it looks on paper.

I've redone some of the arrangements based on notes we had taken at our last listening session before we lost everything. I really believe that the finished product will be better as a result of all this.

Below are some clips of some of the loops. I really like the way "One Way" came out. (about :50 in) These were made using Hydrogen. These don't reflect, obviously, what the drums will sound like, but I spent a couple of hours practicing to them last night, and they will be a good reference for me.

I'll let you know how it turns out. Stay tuned, campers...


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