Sunday Setlist - August 23 - Revival Day Three

Today wraps up our Back to School Revival weekend. And what a weekend it was! Four services, plus some street evangelism, a packed house, great music... what more could you want to get you recharged for fall?

The previous revival services were recapped here and here. Today we had two services: our regular Sunday morning gathering, plus a final close-out service last night.

For the morning service, our setlist looked like this:


Your Grace is Enough (Maher)(G)

Main Set:

Freedom (James)(B)
Tell the World (Houston)(G)
History Maker (Smith)(G)
The Stand (Houston)(G)
You Are My World (Sampson)(G)
Montana (Gonzales/Gonzales/Gonzeles)(Am)

After rehearsal Sunday morning, we had (as a team) a long and rather frank discussion about the team, it's future, our goals, and the results of our worship survey. Perhaps Sunday morning wasn't the best time to do this, but it is the best time to get the whole team together. I'll share more about the surveys in another post, but we discussed some of the results. It seems most of the congregation is pretty happy with how we do things, which is nice to hear.

The service itself was amazing. Of course, everyone says that, but with GLCC in full "revival" mode, it really was. In between rehersal and service there were several youth hanging around, which is not unusual. What is unusual is that someone seems to have tweaked the settings on my AX10, so the first song (to me) was a disaster. But... all is good, and the rest of the songs went pretty well. In fact, I think we did the best job we've ever done with "The Stand" and especially "You Are My World." And several people came up after service and said that they really felt that worship was especially good Sunday. I think it has more to do with where everyone's hearts were at then our skill, but I'll take it where I can get it!

Danny was unavailible to play Sunday morning, so we had no bass player. That meant that both Justin and I had to do a little more "bass" duties, including turning the bass solo in "Tell the World" into a guitar solo. Dontcha just hate that?

Here's a short clip of "The Stand" (camcorder mix)

Sunday Night

Sunday night was the last of the revival services for this summer. The church was packed-out, which was awesome for a Sunday night. There was a lot of eager anticipation for what the night would bring. We started with a short worship:

Turn it Around (Houghton/Lindsey)(D)
We Cry Out (Johnson)(C#)
You Are My World (Sampson)(G)
Wrap Me in Your Arms (Grothe/Gungor)(B)
You Are Good (Houghton)(E)

After worship, our choir, Send Judah First, came up and led the congregation in our own arrangement of "He is Exalted."

Pastor Mac closed out the weekend with a great message on the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the power of Pentecost. We had a huge, all-church altar call that lasted for a while. I can't even remember all the songs we did, but we did play "Holy Spirit, Rain Down" and "Empty Me" and "Give us Clean Hands." I keep my guitar amp on the floor near the monitor wedges, and it was surrounded by folks praying, so I played bass for the altar call, which is always a nice switch. But after four days of non-stop playing, my poor fingertips were about raw!

So, the revivals are over, and everyone is in great shape. The church was full of some people we've not seen in a while, which is great. A bunch of people accepted Christ, more rededicated themselves, and many were baptised in the Holy Spirit. Who could ask for more?

As a closer, I want to leave you with a short clip of the kind of preaching we had all weekend. All the messages can be found here.


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