Song of the Week - You Are Not Forgotton

Man, I love Israel and New Breed. We play a lot of their songs in worship, on reflection probably more than any other single artist, especially when you throw the choir in. Their music is a mixture of contemporary and gospel, with Caribbean, Latin and African flavors mixed in. No one can play those drums like Big Mike Clemons!

What I like most about New Breed music is the energy. Songs like You Are Good, Again I Say Rejoice and Say So make you want to just jump up and down with praise for God. Even slower songs like Prayer of the Righteous have a power and energy about them.

Which is why I surprised myself with this song. You Are Not Forgotton is a bonus cut on New Breed's latest live album, A Deeper Level. The track is not what I would call energetic; it's a lazy, meandering journey. Israel teams up with Grammy-award winning blues and gospel guitarist Johnny Lang to provide the perfect anticlimax to this masterful collection of songs. Coming out of the driving Overcomerture, You Are Not Forgotten comes from the point of view of God speaking to one of his children:

"People walking by, very seldom they say 'hi'
they don’t know how wonderful you are
If they only knew all the things you’ve been through,
if only they could see your heart
I hear you crying for help,
please don't blame yourself...
You are not forgotten... "

The song ambles it's along with a fingerpicked acoustic guitar in an easy melody. (Easy until you try to play it! Thirty-six different chords! Israel, I love ya brother, but man!) Lang's voice blends well with Israel's, weaving dual harmonies that make you want to just close your eyes and sway to the music. This is a good one for the end of a long day, or when you feeling a little bit out in the cold.


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