Album Review - Tim Hughes: Happy Day (Joint Style)

THE JOINT has released it's review of Tim Hughes' new CD/DVD Happy Day. What did they say?

 KLAMPERT: It’s Hughes. The man is great, but I am really hoping this CD finally puts him on the map and makes him a household name. With that said get the CD with the DVD. The video is amazing and I just love watching worship concerts. Rating:

BYRD: The CD itself is righteous but shell out the extra cash and pick up the CD/DVD bundle because hearing this is truly only half the experience. The production on the video is just as excellent as the audio and I say a “must have.” I like Tim’s new stuff and I’m so glad Tim went to breathe new creativity into the old stuff too!

MAHONEY: Tim Hughes = great songs. Get this CD just to see how these songs are supposed to be done.

VANCE: A great worship cd/dvd package that hopefully will propel Tim Hughes’ music throughout the United States and beyond.

Check out the entire review at The Joint Review.  


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