From the Studio - Take 23

Well,the last few recording sessions have gone amazingly well, so we were about due to have a night where things didn't go as quickly as planned.  It's tough, because we're getting down to crunch-time; we're near the end of our budgeted recording time, and we still have much to do. 

Our scheduled for the session involved getting the girls into the studio and recording much of their vocals.  We did get them in, and we did get a lot of stuff done - it just would have been nice to get more.  We began with some spoken word vocals that are going in during one of the interludes on the album.  It was cool to see Danny in the studio after so long!

Next came  Gabrielle singing her verses to the one original song on the CD, "Calvary."  It was her first experience in the studio, so she had a little difficulty getting used to the way things were done.  But her voice was so lovely and sweet on the track, that it made it all worthwhile. 

We let her catch her breath a little, and had Mariah, Celia and Emmanuella record their parts for "One Way" and "Mighty to Save."   To be honest, I was a little sketchy about "One Way," but hearing it with the completed vocals completely turned the song around.  And "Mighty to Save..."  Wow.  The addition of the alto line in the bridge really brought a depth to the song.  (You can hear a quick snippet of it in the video below.)  Finally, we got Gabrielle back to the mic to finish out "Calvary."

We're doing a second session this week on Saturday, where hopefully we will get the vocals finished, and can get down to the mix.  Stay tuned, and check this out.



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