From the Studio - Takes 24 and 25

I was too busy to get an update out last week, so I'll recap and get everything up to date. 

First off, last Thursday we finally completed all recording.  It's "in the can" as they say.  The last bits to do were some female vocals on a couple of songs, and we had Esther and Emmanuella come in and record.  (This makes the total "talent" who contributed to this recording 15 people.)  

Their parts mainly involved "Draw Me Close," where they are splitting the verses, and singing choruses.  Their voices blended so well together it gave me chills.  During the choruses, Esther sang a hauntingly beautiful counter-melody that has to be heard to be believed, and that added an incredible subtle texture to the song.  This was the inspiration of our engineer Gabby, who is an accomplished singer in his own right.

Finally, we were finished.  Whew!   That was hard, but there was (and is ) still much work to do.  This past Wednesday, Gabby, Josh and I gathered in the studio to begin the mixdown, which is combining all the elements of a song into a coherent musical piece.  Mixing is as much part of the artistry of the song as the musical and vocal performances.

We got four songs mixed in the first session: "Draw me Close," "We Prepare the Way," "Calvary" and "He Reigns."   Josh and I also decided that we would need to extend our contract with Gabby, as we would need several more sessions to complete the mixing.  That's a budget-buster, but it has to be done.

Clips of the mixed songs can be heard on our Facebook Page.  Also check out this post on how you can help get this project completed.

Finally, here is the final art on the front of the album cover.  Thanks to Joel at Roodgraphics for some pointers.   More of the art will be forthcoming as we finalize the song order.


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