From the Studio - Take 22

We really are getting to the point where we can see the finish line of the recording part of producing the album.  We finished up just about all the male vocals this week, and began some of the female vocals.   We had Justin, Josh and Celia in this week, and I was really impressed with how much got done, and what the results were.

Josh began the session by recording his verses for "He Reigns."  After that we moved onto "We Prepare the Way," which Josh is singing as a duet with Celia.  It's great how their voices go together (must be a sibling thing) and how Celia was giving us a Jenn Johnson kind of vibe.  They wound up completing the entire song, with Justin doing harmony in the choruses. The only thing left on that song is the Scripture reading during the interlude, which we will record next week.

After that,. Celia recorded her parts for "Your Love is Deep."  She's doing the verses in that song.  Justin did his parts, which involved the choruses.   After that, Josh did his verses for "You Said."  Finally, Josh did all his parts for "From the Inside Out."

It's really amazing listening to this come together, and each part building.  We have enough of most of the songs now to really hear what they are going to sound like, and I have been spending time during the week trying different mixes - this record is really going to be something special.

More details are always available on the Facebook Page, including some "in studio" videos.  Like this one from last night.


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