Sunday Setlist - November 15

Note to self:  don't play guitar in a worship service 12 hours after being in the front row at a Third Day concert.  You're not Mark Lee.

Yeah, but I tried to be!

Here's this weeks setlist and recap from GLCC. 


From the Inside Out (Houston)(C)

Main Set:

Say So (Houghton)(E)
Tell the World (Houston)(G)
Draw Me Close (Carpenter)(A)
Once Again (Redman)(A)
Healer (Guglielmucci)(B)

(Let the River Flow)(Evans)(E)
Ancient of Days (Davis/Harvill)(D)

Welcome back to Aquim, who played drums for us for the first time in awhile, and sounded great. 

I was a little exuberant today, but it went well anyway.  Actually, everthing sounded maybe a tad better than usual.  Maybe we shouldn't hold back so much.   "Healer" came out especially well, I thought. We held back on the first two repititions of the bridge, and really let loose for the rest. It turned into a great moment as the music flowed across the room, and worshippers were really letting go. 

It was also my turn to give the message today.  I preached out of Daniel 5, about hearing God and responding.  The message will be posted by tommorow.  We finished the day (fittingly) with a invitation song - "Revelation" by Third Day.

How was your Sunday?  Check out others at Fred McKinnon's blog.


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