You Can Help

If you've been reading this blog, following me on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook, you know that we are nearing completion of the recording phase of our upcoming worship album, Prepare. The album has been a labor of love for us, a ton of hard work, and an opportunituy to press on through some severe setbacks.   Listening to it as it comes together continuously gives me goosebumps.

We find ourselves at a crossroads, however.  One thing we, in our inexperience, did not plan on was having the record mastered before pressing.  Nor did we completely understand the costs and processes involved in getting from a finished recording to a completed, mastered and packaged product.
Here's how you can help.  There are two ways, actually. 

The first way is easy.  We have partnered with a local business (ok, it's my wife's business) to have a fundraiser for this holiday season.  Jill is a consultant for PartyLite Candles, and provides wonderful, high-quality, affordable gift items.  You're buying Christmas presents, right?  So, if you purchase some of the gifts you were going to buy anyway through her, she will donate all of the profits to the project. 

Doing this is easy.  Simply go to this page and where you see the blue box that says"Shopping for a Show?" click on the "look up your host" link.  In the search box, put "mi" in the first name and "ma" in the last.  Our show will pop up, and you can begin shopping.    Items can be shipped everywhere, or if you're local, they can be shipped to us and we'll bring them to you. 

The second way is to pre-order the Prepare album.  Doing so saves you $2 off the cost of the CD, plus assures you will get it "hot off the presses."   To do that, go to the GLCC Resources page. 

If you choose to be a part of this project, thank you so much.  If not, that's fine.  Keep checking back for updates, and please keep the project in prayer.  Believe me when I say, we've already seen fruit from this, and it has already accomplished great things. 


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