Album Review - Matt Papa:Your Kingdom Come (Joint Style)

Another four-way review from The Joint.   This time, the reissue of Matt Papa's Your Kingdom Come.  How did it fare?

KLAMPERT:INSANE. The first song drags you in and you are taken on a wild ride of worship that is not predictable and obviously inspired by God. I love this CD and you will too.
BYRD: Incredible lyrics, great musicality, and a great mix of singable songs for the church and songs that you would love to play in church but might not ever get the gumption to :)
I think part of Matt’s appeal is that he isn’t going to appeal to everyone but for those that will take the time to get into this CD you’re going to love it! 
MAHONEY: Great record, good production, awsome lyrics.
VANCE: Fantastic album.  Matt seems to carry some of the “no compromise” attitude that Keith Green did. 

Check out the rest of the review at The Joint!


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