The Best and Greatest - Part Three

As part of my week-long recap of the past year and decade, it's time for  what I call "Fun with Google Analytics."  

So, here are the ten "best" posts of 2009, ranked by pageviews:

10.  Movie Review: Star Trek

9.    Song of the Week: All Because of Jesus - Fee

8.    Song of the Week: Rescue - Desparation Band.

7.    Song of the Week: Just Wanna Say - Israel Houghton

6.    Saturday Silliness: Identity Theft

5.    Album Review: Hillsong - Faith+Hope+Love 

4.    Song of the Week: How He Loves - John Mark McMillan

3.    Ubuntu Studio 9.10: First Look

2.    Album Review: Israel Houghton- The Power of One: Worship Leader Edition

1.    Album Review: Israel Houghton - The Power of One

I have no doubt that the top two sit atop the standings due to the fact that they were both picked up and reprinted by Integrity Direct, and  I'm also channelling my inner geekiness with the Star Trek review, and a post on a Linux operating system.  The "Songs of the Week" surprised me - I guess they are more popular than I thought, though they generate hardly any comments. And I am totally at a loss as to why anyone would care about a post about Eric Violette (the dude from those freecreditreport commercials), but hey, traffic is traffic!

Fellow worship leader Fred McKinnon leads the pack on non-Google referrals, largely due to the weekly setlist carnival he hosts. (Way to go, bro!)

Most visitors come from the U.S., the U.K. and Canada, in that order.  (Thanks again, Eric!).   Connecticut, California, Texas and Florida lead the pack of states to visit me. This year we hit every state! Even you, you three people in North Dakota!  Way to be!

And sadly, most of you are still using Internet Explorer.  Go get Chrome, will ya? 

Well, that's the year in a nutshell.  Thanks one and all! 


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