Album Review - Phil Wickham: Heaven and Earth (Joint Style)

The Joint has released its review of Phil Wickham's new album, Heaven and Earth. Let's see what the boys had to say:

KLAMPERT: Great songwriting and of course awesome vocals. A bit overproduced, but honestly the songs do make up for that poor mistake. 
BYRD: Touching songwriting and top notch musical composition, what’s not to love! This is certainly not your safe, traditional worship project but I love that he’s trying hard to push himself forward and I’d rather than than milk toast any day! If you’re able to get the acoustic version of this CD as well you’ll be doubly blessed! 
MAHONEY:  Beautiful songwriting, great musicianship and well tied together. A great source for churches (acoustic) and a great listen (full band)   
VANCE: I’m not sure how intentional Phil Wickham is about crafting songs that are congregationally friendly.  It my opinion, for most, many of these songs are not.  What do we have though is a great worship album that will minister to you.  A great record from Phil Wickham.

So check out the entire review, along with recommendations for churches and must-have songs at The Joint Review. 


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