Free Download Just for Christmas Shopping

Time is drawing near to close up our worship team fundraiser, so we thought we'd sweeten the pot a little.  So, anyone who orders something from the fundraiser (including anyone who already has) will get a free download off the upcoming album.   Just our little way of saying "thanks."

If you're not familiar with what we're doing, we're trying to raise enough money to master and press the album, which is completed.  We're not asking for handouts (although we'll take them!).  Rather, we jsut ask that you consider purchasing some of your Christmas gifts through us.  Isn't that simple?  Orders need to be in before midnight EST (New York) Wednesday, December 15. 

How?   To recap:

Doing this is easy. Simply go to this page and where you see the blue box that says"Shopping for a Show?" click on the "look up your host" link. In the search box, put "mi" in the first name and "ma" in the last. Our show will pop up, and you can begin shopping. Items can be shipped everywhere, or if you're local, they can be shipped to us and we'll bring them to you.

The second way is to pre-order the Prepare album. Doing so saves you $2 off the cost of the CD, plus assures you will get it "hot off the presses." To do that, go to the GLCC Resources page.

And that's that.  Shop.  Get free stuff.  Cool, huh?


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