Album Review - Shane & Shane: Everything is Different

The Joint has released a new review: Shane and Shane: Everything is Different. 

Let's see what the boys said:

KLAMPERT: Different?…I wouldn’t say everything or even much of anything. Like I said before this is a safe CD, but much of the songs have same feel and or tempo so a lot of it blends together. There are however a few amazing tracks that make this CD worth it. The Title track WILL finally make Shane & Shane a well deserved household name.
BYRD: I think the title sets it up for failure for me. It’s the hardest thing to review is music that’s not necessarily bad but just not your preferred choice. I was hoping to get something I really liked out of a CD called “Everything is Different” but I don’t find anything remarkably different here. So for those who love Shane & Shane (and I know those of you who do) you’ll welcome this addition, iTunes has 5 Stars on it right now. For those of you like me, buy this one for your friend who loves them but you’re going to want to pass. 
MAHONEY: Elevator music for the worship set.  Tight production, amazing vocals, nothing “different.”
VANCE: These guys come across humble and have good hearts. The blend of their voices and acoustic guitars makes for a great album.

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