Album Review - KERYGMA Worship Ministry: Vapour, Water, Ice (Joint Style)

When The Joint Review launched, it was not about reviewing only major-label releases from internationally-known artistst.  We've done our share of up-and-coming artists, and welcome indies and even unsigned artists who are relevant to the Christian community.  KERYGMA is such a group: a worship ministry from India, they have a vision to reach people worldwide through worship music.  Seems like they are succeeding.  What The Joint says:

BYRD: The project itself deserves a giant HIGH 5! It’s very ambitious and encouraging to see. However, the reality of it is that it doesn’t strike a chord with me. Stylistically, it’s just doesn’t jive for me. There is a bit of a language awkwardness at times. So it’s just hard for me to really dig in. I’m most interested in the progression this group makes on future releases. Keep moving forward!
MAHONEY: Once the listener sets aside the idea that every worship record has to sound like Hillsong United or Fee, this becomes a really good record.  Having just completed a recording project, I’m very impressed with what was accomplished here.  Definitely worth a listen. 
VANCE: You might find it a little strange at the beginning with the Indian accented (and at times, not so good) vocals, but once you get over this it’s a great little record.

Read the full review here.

So, if you're in the mood for something different, want to give an up-and-coming ministry a chance, or just dig yourself some sitar, check them out.  


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