Sunday Setlist - January 3

A day of mixed feelings today at Gospel Light Community Church. 

As usual with the first Sunday of the year, today was a day for vision-casting for the new year.  Each of our network pastors spent several minutes outlining our goals and vision for the upcoming year.  It's always an exciting time, full of hope and promise.

Today's Setlist:


I Surrender All (Van DeVenter/Weeden)(D)

Main Set:

Say So (Houghton)(E)
We Cry Out (Johnson)(C#m)
The Stand (Houston)(G)
Healer (Gugleilmucci)(B)


Freedom (Bushard)(B)

We were a little short handed today, so Daniel and I shared the drumming duties; I did the first three songs and switched to guitar, he played keys on the first three and switched to drums.  Figures, make the old man play the fast songs!

It was also Communion Sunday, so the service was very uplifting and positive, a great way to kick off the new year.

Unfortunately, we had lost a brother on Wednesday to a long illness.  Isaias was one of the earliest members of the church, and he and I had played together on the worship team for several years, me playing drums and him playing percussion - congas, timabales, bongos.  If you could hit it, Isaias could play it.  His homegoing service was this afternoon, and though it is a celebration of sorts, he will be missed.  I only wish some of our newer members could have gotten to know him.

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  1. Sorry to hear of your loss. My condolances.

    Our set was:
    Made to Worship (A)
    Hosanna (Praise Is Rising) (G)
    O Worship the King (G) (This is a contemporary arrangement of a hymn by our Worship leader)
    Here I Am To Worship (F)
    Heart of Worship (D)

    Bet you could never guess today's "theme".

  2. Days like that are always hard. Emotions fly all over the place.

    Must have been the day for Say So - we did it for the first time in a couple of months or more too!


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