Good Times

Every month, Gospel Light participates in a united worship service with several other churches.  These churches have all come out of GLCC in one way or another.   Last night (January 17th) we added to the group. 

GLCC has planted two other churches in recent years.  In 2003, we sent out Pastor Winston Gordon and his wife Ingrid to Waterbury, Connecticut to launch Beacon of Light Community Church.  (It's hard to believe it's been over six years already.)   This past July, our founding pastor, Jim Miller, and his wife Andrea left GLCC to plant Good News Christian Church in the Bronx, New York.   We've just had another couple out of our church officially start a new congregation - Lighthouse Fellowship Church.

LFC has a unique story.  Hector and Jennie Muniz have been  travelling evangelists for the last five years, living in Central America, travelling to Europe and across the USA, ministering in churches near and far.  Last year, however, they were asked to assist in leading a small church plant in a neighboring town.  The overseeing body of that church decided to pull out, but the people in the tiny congregation wanted to stay together.  Hector and Jennie agreed to let them meet, in their home, until the end of 2009. 

But God moves in amazing ways.  That small congregation has agreed to come under the guidance of Harvest Fellowship of Churches, our overseeing body, with Hector as lead pastor. So while LFC is not a direct plant of GLCC, they are still family.  What's really great is that they have secured space in a church building right up the road from us, so we can support each other easily.  (In fact, our worship team will be leading worship at LFC at the end of this month, then leading at GLCC the same day.)

Back to last night's service.  It was the first-ever joint service with all four churches present, as GLCC released and commissioned Hector and Jennie for their new roles.  The building was crowded, the music was flowing, and spirits were high.  It's amazing seeing the Kingdom grow city by city, place by place. 

Here is a short medley of some of the celebration.  Some pix are here.


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