Album Review - Switchfoot: Hello Hurricane (Joint Style)

The Joint is back!   The first review of 2010 has been released.  Switching things up, The Joint reviewed the latest release from Switchfoot, titled Hello Hurricane. What did the guys have to say? 

KLAMPERT: A great CD that brings me back to when I first heard them. Its raw and passionate and real. I only had one issue with this CD. The main melody in “Free” is the same as Black Sabbath “war pigs”. But you would have to be a nerd to realize that I think.
BYRD: Switchfoot’s switching it up a bit creates a real masterpiece that I really can’t even say leaves a weak track on the CD. There are some of the raunchiest rock songs on here mixed in with some truly delicate and beautiful pieces that all mix so well! Bravo.
MAHONEY: A must have for “pre-mainstream” Switchfoot fans.  Raw, raunchy and real.
VANCE: A must-have for Switchfoot fans!
So head on over to The Joint Review to get the rest of the story! 


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