Book Review: 5 Cities that Ruled the World

I'm a history geek.  I only came to realize this later in life, otherwise I would have likely been a history major in college.  But I find history fascinating, especially making connections between different periods in history.  Ask anyone in my congregation.  Whenever I preach, it's like a mini history lesson.  I love to put my messages in historical context.  Sometimes I spend so much time studying the history surrounding a particular verse, I forget I have to study the actual verse.

5 Cities that Ruled the World (Thomas Nelson Publishers) is a perfect book for me: easy reading, captivating, and well written, it reads like a novel for a guy like me.  Author Douglas Wilson takes the reader through the evolution of modern Western society by running us through the histories of five of the most important cities in history: Jerusalem, Athens, Rome, London and New York.  Wilson interweaves these histories to give us a wide picture of how current society formed the way it did, and the roles each of these cities played (and play) in what we know as the world today.

Each of these cities has made a lasting impression on our collective faith, thought, politics, literature and commerce.  This book will make an lasting impression on your view of these cities.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I recieved a copy of this book for free from Thomas Nelson Publishers in hopes I would mention it on my blog.  Nevertheless, the opinons stated are my own. (16CFR Part 225)


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