Sunday Setlist - January 10

This week's service recap on a frigid New England morning.  Temperatures in the teens did not dampen the spirit of worship at today's service, that's for sure.  Rehersal went really well (except, oddly, there was one song we just couldn't seem to get on the same page with the first couple of times through.  Worked out well in the end, though.) 

Here's the setlist:


Mighty to Save (Morgan)(A)

Main Set:

He Reigns (Furler/Taylor)(C)
Eres Todopoderoso (Salinas)(Bm)
God of Wonders (Byrd/Hindalong)(G)
Rescue (Anderson)(G)
The More I Seek You (Neese)(E)
I Surrender All (Van Deventer/Weeden)


You Are Good (Houghton)(E)

There was a time when it seemed we were doing "You Are Good" just about every week.  It was one of our "go to" songs when we were called on the spot to do a song, or when we were invited to play somewhere other than the church.  We've done it every which way from Sunday, literally. But we haven't played it in months, so it was very refreshing.  Right until my high E string broke.  Figures.

"The More I Seek You" was not in the set list.  I guess in honor of the NFL playoffs, the singers called an audible.  Actually, we just wanted to extend the worship time, because it was amazing today.

"Eres Todopoderoso" is a Spanish song we picked up about four years ago when we were on a mission trip to Belize.   It's a simple tune with a great vibe to it.  For those of you who've never heard it, I'm including a video of the great Latin Christian band Rojo doing it below.  (Check out their YouTube page for a great Spanish version of "O Praise Him."  (Alabad a Dios)

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Rojo:  Eres Todopoderoso


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