Album Review - Vicky Beeching : Eternity Invades (Joint Style)

Seems like everybody and their brother is reviewing Vicky Beeching's full-length album, Eternity Invades, which drops today in the U.S. and U.K.   And well they should - the album is a masterpiece.  But only ONE site can offer the collective wisdom of four worship leaders from different styles and traditions - The Joint Review.   Check it out...

KLAMPERT: The bottom line is you need this CD. I didn’t say you might want it. I said you need it. This is a veteran worship artist who does not use cliche lyrics and has a heart for the church and broken people. It comes out in every track and most of these songs can be used in your church.
BYRD: Well produced songs for church that can be listened to for “entertainment” as well and great vocals and musicality! Have I not talked about the lyrics yet? Oh yeah they’re great. (I still love what she did with Salvation Day!) This CD is just hitting on all cylinders for me! 
MAHONEY: The EP was like taking the whipped cream off an ice-cream sundae.  Eternity Invades makes you want to dig your spoon down in there to get the last bit of fudge.  A great record from a wonderful artist.  
VANCE: A great worship album – if you enjoyed the EP you’ll love it! 

So check out the entire review at The Joint Review 


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