Sunday Setlist - April 11

Wow...  what a weekend.  Men's Encounter, two churches on Sunday morning, welcome home reception on on Sunday night.  Lot's of stuff going on, so we'll dive right in.

We had a Men's Encounter weekend this weekend. Josh and I were scheduled to lead worship; unfortunately, Josh's grandfather passed away Thursday, so he had to leave Saturday morning.  That left me leading solo for three sets on Saturday.  Not exactly my strong suit, but I made the best of it.

Since we had guys from three different churches, and only some of them were familiar with our usual songs, I decided to take the opportunity to teach them a couple of new songs.  Two of the sets included Happy Day (Hughes)(C), a song I had learned playing at the Lifepath retreat.  Following a teaching on the passion and crucifixion, and given the overall theme of "brokenness" for the weekend, I had a last minute thought to add Remedy (Crowder)(G) to the list.  I had no printer or internet connection, so I had to scrambleout  a quick cheat sheet.

I had to return for Sunday morning ahead of the rest of the group.  Laura and I led at Lighthouse Fellowship Church, a three song set.  During the final song, "History Maker," Pastor Hector took an opportunity to use the lyrics to the song to bring a word of exhortation and encouragement to his small congregation.  It was really quite amazing, actually.

After that it was onto Gospel Light for our service:


Blessed Be Your Name (Redman)(C)

Main Set:

History Maker (Smith)(G)
For Who You Are (Sampson)(B)
Higher (Fieldes)(C)
The Stand (Houston)(G)


Ancient of Days (Harvill/Sadler)

(I just realized the tail end of the set looks like a Hillsong United show.)  So it was just me playing, and Laura and Emmanuella singing today.  Encounter weekends are awesome, because we get to strip everything down and just get right to the core of things.  I played acoustic for the first two songs, and keys for the three Hillsong tunes.  Piano is not my main gig by any stretch, but it was easier for the girls to follow and sing with.  I struggled a little bit with "For Who You Are," but the other two sounded really nice, and no one seemed to notice.

So...  how was your Sunday?   Check out others at The Worship Community.


  1. You have got to be completely exhausted! Great work - I am sure you blessed many!


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