Book Review - The Word of Promise New Testament

I'm not much for audiobooks, but I found this to be intriguing.  My time is filled up more and more with family, ministry, work, travel, rehersals, etc...  The idea of being able to listen to the Word while in the car was something I could use.

And what an experience!   This is not some hacked-together budget production.  Word of Promise used an amazing collection of well-know actors to bring out the richness of the scriptures.  Utilizing the New King James version, this audio bible brings the scriptures alive with well acted voices, a beautiful score, and great sound effects.

It all comes packaged in a twenty-disc set, bound in a durable, zippered case.  It also includes a DVD explaining how this production came to life.   The only (minor) gripe I have is that some of the books end in the middle of a CD, so one disc may be the second half of one book, and the first half of another.  None of this is an issue if the chapters are ripped to an mp3 player, though.  All in all, an excellent offering from Thomas Nelson Publishers.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I recieved a copy of this book for free from Thomas Nelson Publishers in hopes I would mention it on my blog.  Nevertheless, the opinons stated are my own.  I was not required to write a positive review. (16CFR Part 225)


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