This, "People", is How It's Done

It's quite often that a cover of a song becomes more popular than the original artist's version.   This happens quite often in praise, worship and gospel music.  (Think Lincoln Brewster's cover of "Everlasting God" or Third Day's rendition of "God of Wonders."

In 1965, soul, funk and R&B master Curtis Mayfield penned a little gospel ditty called "People Get Ready,"  which was recorded by his group, The Impressions.  The song hit #3 on the Billboard R&B chart, and #14 on the Hot 100.  It was listed as one of the greatest songs of all time by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Rolling Stone, and Mojo.   It's been covered by a bajillion people (including Bob Dylan three times!) and in a variety of styles.   In 1985, the legendary Jeff Beck covered it for his album Flash, with vocals by Rod Stewart. This version again hit the Hot 100, and became the definitive version of the song for a generation.

Move over, Jeff.   Mommasox is in da house!

This, people, is how it's done.  This is how you connect with a song, and make an audience feel it.  This is how you redefine a song.  This is how you bring it to church. Singers, take notes.


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