Recording Project Update

Just wanted to throw out an update for those who have been so patient and supporting during the production of Prepare. 

Budgetary matters are all set, and we have the money in hand for mastering and duplication.  That is a huge load off!

We knew that there were some areas that needed tightening up.  We've been listening to the record on and off for a couple of months, and have identified some very minor tweaks to make, plus the record needs what's called "sweetening."  This is basically taking the whole track and listening to it as complete song (not pieces) and then seeing what needs to be done as far as the fitting the pieces into the whole - level adjustments, EQ of individual tracks, etc...

It's good to have a new set of ears do this.  I've interviewed a couple of audio engineers, and last night Josh and I sat with a great guy named Tyler at Number 7 Records.   We were both impressed, and we're going to go into the Number 7 studio next week to record one guitar track and work on the mix.

We are very hopeful at this point that we will be shipping the record off to mastering before the end of the month.  From there, it's about three weeks to shipping.  Yes, I'm talking about shipping!   Wow!

The final artwork is also done, so there's really nothing holding us back at this point.   Stay tuned!!  


  1. It's been a long journey - well done for keeping going.


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