Sunday Setlist - April 25

Well, it was an interesting day of two churches, and last-minute changes.  All-in-all, it worked, and all-in-all, a great day of worship.

During rehearsal, we found out that our drummer was sick in bed and would not be coming, and there was no time to get a replacement.  So we had to completely redo the set this morning,  as several of the songs we intended to do required a drummer.  So what we wound up with was an acoustic set, which was pretty cool.

It was also the week for our twice-monthly worship leading at Lighthouse Fellowship Church.  We did acoustic only there as well.  We love helping out over there.

Our set at Gospel Light looked like this:

Opening Song:

Open the Eyes of My Heart (Baloche)(E)

Main Set:

All About You (Houghton)(E)
God of Wonders (Byrd/Hindalong)(G)
History Maker (Smith)(G)
Shout to the Lord (Zschech)(A)


You Are Good (Houghton)(E)

The transition from "God of Wonders" into "History Maker" was especially seamless, I thought.  Our arrangement to "God of Wonders" had us ending on "you are holy..." repeating over and over.  I was playing Em to C under that, which of course, lead right into "History Maker."  And of course, somehow "Shout to the Lord" always turns into an anthem, even with one acoustic guitar.

So, how was your Sunday service?  Check out others at The Worship Community.  


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